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About Alfred Nobel University

Ukraine’s first innovative private higher education institution
30 years of history of innovative education in Ukraine
5 International Nobel congresses were held
The first Ukrainian university to participate in the Deep Tech Talent Initiative
42000 students from 30+ countries have received higher education
150+ scientists and teachers and 100 practitioners research and teach
Global partnerships on 4 continents with 88+ international institutions and organizations

Our values light the way

Dreams and ambitions
We believe in the power of dreams and encourage the development of ambitions.
Science, innovation and deep technologies
We support the development and implementation of new ideas, research and technologies.
Education for life
We promote the formation of readiness to solve real problems and challenges on the way to their ambitious dreams.
Inclusiveness and diversity
Our university is diverse and open to people with special needs, different cultures, ethnicities and beliefs.
Responsibility for the future
We inspire actions aimed at preserving resources, developing advanced technologies and innovation for future generations.
Global cooperation
We develop international exchange and partnerships to solve global problems and build the future of civilization.

Our history

30+ years of achievements of Alfred Nobel University and success of our students and graduates
TOP-5 private higher education institutions in Ukraine
25% of the best universities in the world
2nd place in Web of Science among private higher education institutions in Ukraine
133rd place in Scopus among higher education institutions
All 30+ educational programs are internationally accredited by ZEvA
The first and only Ukrainian University, which is the leader of the Nobel movement in Ukraine
Confirmed international quality

12 directions of bachelor’s, master’s and doctor of sciences educational programs

Join us and become a part of the international innovation space where your dreams meet endless possibilities
Aircraft and rocket and space engineering 01
Computer sciences 02
International economic relations 03
Law 04
Management 05
Marketing 06
Cybersecurity management 07
Psychology 08
Tourism and hospitality 09
Philology. Translation (English) 10
E-commerce 11
MBA 12
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The Nobel Movement: From Idea to Space Horizons

In 2008, the Nobel Committee and the Nobel Family Society supported

the idea of creating a monument to all Nobel Prize winners since 1901. And our university was chosen as the place. Since then, the University has been named after Alfred Nobel, and the world’s only unique sculpture “Alfred Nobel Planet” is annually replenished with medals of new laureates. 

By the way, this unique monument was made by the specialists of the State Enterprise “Yuzhmash” from the materials of utilized strategic missiles as a symbol of the contribution of the people of Ukraine to nuclear disarmament on our planet and, at the same time, as a symbol of the power of Ukraine – the world leader in the space industry.

Nobel laureates are honorary professors at Nobel University

Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa – Nobel Prize winner 2010 for “his mapping of power structures and his poignant depiction of human resistance, rebellion and defeat”
Oleksandra Matviychuk – Head of the Center for Civil Liberties, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2022

International Nobel Congresses

Since 2008, the Alfred Nobel University has been hosting an international event – the International Nobel Economic Congress “The World Economy in the 21st Century: Cycles and Crises”. This Congress makes a significant contribution to the popularization of science and the Nobel movement in the modern world, promotes mutual understanding and strengthening of contacts between economists from different countries, and the development of new joint programs. The total number of scientists participating in the Congress is more than 120 people from around the world, including: Ukraine, the USA, Poland, Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Sweden, India, the Republic of Ghana, Israel, etc.

Be a part of creating an immortal legacy for the future of civilization

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